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Fairs and Exhibition Industry in Turkey
Exhibitions are the meeting points where the peak is shared for trade. Products and services for manufacturers and consumers come together in nature to carry a marketplace within a certain period of time and space. Exhibitions which have a particular theme, enable participating companies produce significant gains in terms of presentation which is directly to the demand. » read more...
Consider these to determine what you need in an exhibition
1) How many products are there that I have to exhibit and in which way should I follow? 2) What is the correct way of exhibiting my products?
3) Is there any obstacle which may prevent visitors to visit my stand?
»
About Stand Types
Stands are categorized into two main groups by means of material type which will be used.
1) Wood Stands: They are divided into two.
Wood Stands which are made of paint and fiberboard.
Wood Stands which are made of suntalam.»
Good Stand - Bad Stand
We will participate in an exhibition. What should we do now?
Now the only thing we will do is producing "a good stand". Here are just a small hint on an impressive stand for:
1. A good lighting: A good lighting system has a great importance on making stands more noticable and attractive. According to the surveys, lighting increases visibility of stands by 30 percent to 50. » read more...
What should I keep in my stand?
1) Product Catalog: You absolutely must have product catalog which includes information about all your products. People visit dozens of companies in a total of 3-5 hours time period and gets information about lots of products. Keeping in mind all of the information they can get is impossible. Therefore, visitors will keep this catalog in their offices, and will be able to reach you easily when they need your products. Remember that 6 customers out of 10 will forget about you... » read more...
About Stand Lighting and Electrical Layout
Electrical layout and lighting of your stand is very important in terms of both usability and stylishness. No matter how elegance stand you have if you dont select true lighting systems. Your stand will be noticed much more with accurate lighting. Right amount of lighting should be placed in the right spots.  » read more...
Strenghts of Exhibitions Compared to Other Marketing Tools
Standınızın elektrik düzeni ve aydınlatması gerek görsellik gerekse de standınızın kullanışlı olması açısından çok önemlidir.

Aydınlatması doğru yapılmayan bir stand ne kadar şık olursa olsun kendini fark ettirmeyecektir.   » read more...
Why should companies participate at exhibition?
To retain existing customers and sales 
• To receive new orders 
• To introduce innovations 
• To create and enchance export opportunities, 
• To generate new customers in the short and medium term     » read more...
Benefits of Exhibitions

You would participate in the exhibition? Do you want to get out of an exhibition tour together? In this world, almost every day, somewhere, perhaps more than the exhibition opens. While reading this article you do not know what the exhibition will be open. But it seems to me that, either as visitors or associates as you want right now we can have a exhibition experience.  » read more...

You should increase your stands' attraction

From time to time, I'm getting some complaints at the exhibitions. Participants say that not so many customers or guests are visiting my stand. Then I am asking questions them like what have you done for taking visitors to your stand. Did you make a custom stand design? Did you organize any stand activity?    » read more...

Sales And Customer Follow-Up Techniques in Exhibition
When economy and trade has been revived, interest on particating in national and international exhibitions and exhibitions rise and so organization of this type of events increases.Exhibition is surely very important as a marketing tool in the promotion and sales. Exhibitions will make it easier for companies to meet and create connections with their customers.   » read more...
Why you should participate at exhibitions?

Nowadays, it is getting harder to reach the consumer to sell your products or services because of the increasing alternatives and consumer conciousness... For this purpose there has been various activities. At this juncture the most important method to introduce your products and services is to participate the exhibitions.   » read more...

How To Design An Exhibition Stand

The design of an exhibition stand is prepared on 3D MAX program by competent designers and/or architects. The design company has 1-4 designers among its staff, depending on its capacity and scale.  » read more...

How To Apply Graphic Design on the Exhibition Stand
Laminate Stands: Graphic designs in the stands of this type are directly applied on the walls of the stands. This application is visually the most proper method of application. However, if there are several graphic designs to be applied in the stand, the companies that will carry out the application can sometimes plaster the graphic design first on PVC foamboards and then apply on the walls of the stand.  » read more...
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