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Okyanus Fair is one of the leading companies of the sector that has adopted the approach of “High Quality and Timely Delivery” as a principle in the field of “Exhibition Stand Design and Application” since 1999.
Okyanus Stand Designcılık 1999 yılından beri...
Operating both domestically and abroad, Okyanus Fair offers service with its specialist staff of 75 people in a 2.800 m2 Head Office, storage and application area located in Yenibosna, Istanbul. Founded to offer service in the exhibition sector and the field of exhibition stands, Okyanus Fair continues meeting the companies’ needs of any kind through projecting its high quality service mentality onto Showroom and Office Decoration as well as the fields of bespoke Product Display Stands designs and applications.

Being aware that "High Quality and Timely Delivery" service mentality may be actualized via providers and personnel who are specialized in the sector, Okyanus Fair prefers to employ the "Expert Design and Application" staff within its own organization. Among the goals of Okyanus Fair is to correctly analyze customer demands and needs by the Sales, Design and R&D teams and to provide complete customer satisfaction through accordingly developing authentic projects fulfilling these expectations.

Fields of Service

Okyanus Fair has been founded to offer service in the field of "Exhibition Stand Design and Application" in domestic and foreign exhibition sector.Okyanus Stand Designcılık, sektöründe hizmet veren...
It also offers service in the fields of Showroom and Office Decoration and Product Display Stands with the R&D unit expert design and application staff who improve "High Quality and Timely Delivery " service mentality in compliance with different needs of the sector.

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