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Fairs and Exhibition Industry in Turkey

Exhibitions are the meeting points where the peak is shared for trade. Products and services for manufacturers and consumers come together in nature to carry a marketplace within a certain period of time and space.

Exhibitions which have a particular theme, enable participating companies produce significant gains in terms of presentation which is directly to the demand. Exhibitions provide significant benefits to the countries in terms of recognizing and developing solidarity state of the world trade, economic, social and cultural relations between each other. The companies having products and services have to sell them to survive and profit.

In the competitive environment, companies must follow the latest developments and act very dynamic, flexible, creative, harmonious. The ones which are cumbersome and slow have no chance to grow and survive. These companies should use some other factors as well as some marketing instruments effectively for success. That is one of the marketing tools, maybe the most important is a well-prepared exhibitions.

Nowadays, there is no any other marketing tool to fulfill the functions of specialized exhibitions. Because, well prepared, in other words both the organizers and participants of this tool to better and they are prepared using the exhibition an issue in all the four five-day period, and in particular a neutral field come together and it matters a great synergy to be created. Exhibitions, TV, press ads, direct and promotional efforts, such as the most important features distinguish from other marketing tools, all the senses, and similar products and services in the same environment can be compared is that it is collectively. Products or services can be seen by visitors, features, similar products or services can be seen from the difference and superiority.

Exhibition organizations also present advertising, public relations has become one of the contemporary communication facilities. Exhibitions, the company's target audience and provide information about the company's marketing mix, promotion, and to provide significant strides in strengthening the image library.

Exhibition visitors center and the majority of people coming from neighboring provinces creates a particular region or country and the product distribution network for companies that exhibition and sales development in terms of overall presentation is very useful. In addition, the companies entering to a new market are finding advantages in terms of dealership or distributor channels. Exhibition organizations also drastically also brings a vitality to the region where they held.

Exhibitions are also important to bring people together, to communicate between them and to help create cultural sharings from different countries and different cultures. Exhibition statistics show that our country has an important place and now at the level of developed countries in terms of exhibition organizations, products and services offered to the audience.

Especially in recent years parallel to the current globalization, exhibition industry is gaining a major importance. It was borned in Turkey in the mid-1970s and is a new industry compared with the other countries. Exhibition sector in our country gained a major impetus in the last 10 years and began to compete with the advanced Western countries. Exhibition organizers have reached and adopt international standards. The exhibitions especially held in İstanbul, left behind many European countries in terms of area and volume, as well as a bridge between Asia and Europe trade center. According to the city compared to exhibition locations, location and international image of Istanbul come to the fore, so that can be seen. In Turkey, this area has approximately 350,000 square meter exhibition area in Istanbul, one of three remaining areas in Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Adana and Konya in Anatolia as the city has been determined. This is not an effective distribution when we considered Turkey's geopolitical location.

The rapid development of international trade today, it is an undeniable fact that the exhibition brings vitality to the economy of its region's. For this reason, more exhibition areas should be built in other cities. Exhibitions have very important effects to serve the developments of local governments and will be a major contribution to the regional economy.

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