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You should increase your stands' attraction

From time to time, I'm getting some complaints at the exhibitions. Participants say that not so many customers or guests are visiting my stand. Then I am asking questions them like what have you done for taking visitors to your stand. Did you make a custom stand design? Did you organize any stand activity?

Answers to this question is generally negative. After that, I am talking to the exhibition organizer companies and telling them about this problem. I would see that they do their duty. There are enough visitors. Then problem is at exhibitors' side.

So what to do? I think the first answer to this question, is making an original stand design which will be different from the other stands and competitors. So in other words to be able to draw attention among the crowdedness. All others remain behind this first answer.

Participators always ask themselves as Should we make special stand? If there are no restrictions in organizer company's regard, a custom stand must be absoletly designed.

Specially designed course is a little expensive. But it is worthed just for gaining your positive image. However you should be careful not to spend too much or use visuals in excess amount.

Same thing, followed by the preparation of stand design, while the interior decoration of the stand is also valid. You should stay away from excessive use of furniture not to disturb visitors. Therefore, colorful, lively, attractive as well as having simplicity furniture will be suitable for this type of organizations.

At custom stand designs, tower usage dramatically increased the attractiveness of the stand is known. But I think the most important function of the tower, is making your company name and your brand visible even from far away. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to insist your company about adding a tower to your stand.

The colorful lights, vivid, striking colors attention can be used at the stand outside, outer panels and towers, but inside serenity will be provided with a soft lighting, pastel colors to let visitors find a peaceful stand. Light blue, open green and earth colors that can be used in this sense as the most appropriate colors are studying.

Issue at this stage we're bringing an interesting information about these three colors as I would like to share with you. Blue color is a symbol of the sky and wide horizons of the sea. Immensity and distant view icons. Represents peace and calm. Arabs believe that blue slow the flow of blood, so that is why evil eye bead is blue. Therefore, overreaction and negative opinions may be reduced through a blue colored stands.

On the other hand, light green is the color relaxing eyes and body and represents mean and trust. That is why banks' logo is mostly light green colored. That makes you feel cool in hot weather. Sense of hope to the people themselves vaccinated as well as feel provides psychological and physical. People coming to our stand themselves to feel comfortable and we want them to trust us and use our products in the future to be comfortable or to improve their business prospects than we want to carry a light green for exhibitors according to objective opinion as a color can be.

When it comes to earth colors, brown earth colors are defined as the color of realism, plans and systems. These tones will mobilize people and accelerates decision-making process. This is why fast food shops often use brown tones. Quickly select menu, eat and go. With the expectations of exhibitors is precisely overlap. I see my stand, my complimentary benefit, my decision not to solder and go, which would deal with other visitors.

Language of colors such, but of course the effect is not a one to one, when used in conjunction with other applications for benefits are to some extent. Then again, the heart of our subject, that we return to the blandishments raising measures, design and decoration work is required, but effectively and in increasing the attractiveness alone is not enough. Subject as a whole to look and to take all measures can be taken everything can be done, and the decision is in accordance with the condition, is necessary to do.

The stand visuals are located as important elements that increase the appeal. However, these visuals must not distract the visitor's interest. Therefore, instead of many small small digital visual elements, inside and outside usage of a few large digitals will increase the majesty and prevent distractions.

Another element that can increase the appeal to the stands is surely music,that must be used carefully. According to Wall, the music has soothing and stimulating effect on the human spirit. Music increases the subjects interest in human and ensures the continuity of care. Therefore, using a relaxing music contributes to the attractiveness of your stand, helps to keep visitors in there and get the positive results of your sales.

Regarded as a last point I want to mention is related to the hostesses. Hostesses, especially famous ones, are known to play a major role in increased interest on the stand and even the attention of media.

Prof. Dr. A. Bülent Göksel

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