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What should I keep in my stand?
1) Product Catalog: You absolutely must have product catalog which includes information about all your products. People visit dozens of companies in a total of 3-5 hours time period and gets information about lots of products. Keeping in mind all of the information they can get is impossible. Therefore, visitors will keep this catalog in their offices, and will be able to reach you easily when they need your products. Remember that 6 customers out of 10 will forget about you unless you have a producat catalog.

2) Brochure Display Panel: The visitors who don't directly aim to visit your booth can get information about your company and products for any further relationship. In this brochure, there must be a brief information about your products as well as your company's presentation.

3) Fridge, Water Dispenser: You should keep mini refrigerators and water dispenser to offer hot and cold drinks for your visitors.

4) Visitor Registry:
 Ziyaretçi Kayıt defter : Gelen her ziyaretçinizin iletişim bilgilerinin yanı sıra görüşme notlarını kaydedeceğiniz kayıt defteri standınızda mutlaka bulunmalıdır. Fuar süresince standınızı ziyaret eden tüm ziyaretçilerin bilgilerinin yeraldığı bu defter fuardan sonra bir rapor haline dönüştürülerek firmanız içinde ilgili birimlere iletilmelidir.

5) Stationery Materials:
 Paper, pens, staples, etc. All of stationery items you may need, should be in your stand.

6) Hanger:
Incoming visitors may need to hang their coats.

7) Catering Equipment:
Tea, water, coffee, fruit juice, cookies, nuts, etc. and complete catering equipment must be provided on your stand.

8) Other: Business cards, mobile phone charger...
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