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Sales And Customer Follow-Up Techniques in Exhibition

When economy and trade has been revived, interest on particating in national and international exhibitions and exhibitions rise and so organization of this type of events increases.

Exhibition is surely very important as a marketing tool in the promotion and sales. Exhibitions will make it easier for companies to meet and create connections with their customers. However, they also bring significant cost. Most business owners have doubts to particiate or not, before every single organization and try to find reasons to justify their decisions. They expect new customers and sales just after the exhibition.

Exhibition is a good opportunity to promote products and services to potential customers, enhance corporate image, develop relationships with existing customers. At the same time, it helps to identify companies in the sector, evaluate different aspects of vision and competitives' positions. Companies will participate in exhibitions to come into contact with many new customers as possible, to test customers' reactions to new products or services, to compile new ideas, to attract potential customers and competitors.

Of course, all the objectives and expectations related to the exhibitions take place in case of the effective sales, promotion and implementation of follow-up customer services. The place and the visual quality of your stand, product variety, arrangement and exhibition of the appeal is very important. However, all the time, effort and investment will be wasted unless you have well qualified sales team. So, you should also take care of training your staff.

The size of the stand at the exhibitions, visitors and the nature of the density, diversity and complexity of the products depending on factors such as the correct number and characteristics to create a team in need. Sales staff, support staff and administrators should make an appropriate division of labor must work within the team concept. Everyone's job and duty to know each other and give the necessary support to be in continuous improvement efforts is important for success at the exhibitions.

Therefore, the sales staff who will take part in the promotion and sale are expected to have elements of knowledge, skills and attitudes to three different sizes. The existence of these three dimensions complement each other, is the direct determinant to receive effective results in the performance of their employees. This competency development requires different approaches, methods, and time.

The first of the competence is related to knowledege. Since an experienced person from within the company's product features, advantages and benefits will return you as time advantage. In fact, exhibition officials should be selected among the company's sales and promotion staff not to spend time for training.

The second competency is about sales skills of presentation, dealing with objections, and persuasion. These skills are even supported by training through applications. Therefore, skills requires longer periods of time.

During the exhibition, the most important needs of promotion and sales staff is about attitude. Positive mental attitude, constructive and creative thinking, problem solutions and not to focus, confidence, courage, determination, work ethic to love and work with attitude, is also necessary. A person who does not have the appropriate attitude, will not feel the enthusiasm and excitement for his job. As a result that there will not be successful.

They should also know about compilation of visitor information, interest and determination of severity, assessment of daily activities, method development and following up of the visitors after the exhibition.

Many customers who couldn't be reached during the exhibiton because of the elements such as the visitor density, shortness of time, may provide positive responses after the show to telephone, letter, e-mail etc. Visitors can usually tolerate this kind of negative behaviors during the exhibition.

In consequence, customer follow-up techniques are necessary in a training program as well as company product information, sales-presentation skills, positive mental attitude. Education requires time, effort and money. However, the cost of any education is not higher than the cost of lack of education.

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