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How To Design An Exhibition Stand

The design of an exhibition stand is prepared on 3D MAX program by competent designers and/or architects. The design company has 1-4 designers among its staff, depending on its capacity and scale.

In our company, the Preliminary Information Form that is filled out by our sales personnel in accordance with the interviews that conduct with companies is sent to the design group; all the details which cover from the product display to visitor welcome and are provided by the company are discussed, and at the end of this exchange of views, the design group prepares the design that will best represent the company and similarly meet its needs. The design that is prepared is sent to the company by the sales group. It is mostly improbable to completely actualize each and every detail in the first design. Therefore, our sales group revisits the company after the first design; when the changes that are required are determined, the same process as in that of the first design is executed and the new design that is prepared is sent to the company again. If the design does not meet the required features, the same process is carried out until the required design is achieved.

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