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Good Stand - Bad Stand

Let's Make a Good Stand!

We will participate in an exhibition. What should we do now? Now the only thing we will do is producing "a good stand". Here are just a small hint on an impressive stand for:

1. A good lighting: A good lighting system has a great importance on making stands more noticable and attractive. According to the surveys, lighting increases visibility of stands by 30 percent to 50.

2. An original approach: A different and non-ordinary stand design will definetly attract much attention. Your booth must have a specific theme. Diversification should increase according to the size of the company's. However, a small company can also find different ways to look different.

3. Easy to describe: Products or other materials which will be placed in the stands should be immediately detected by visitors.

4. Proportional: Every item in stand must be well balanced. An arrangement is necessary according to the size of the stand, Measurement of exhibition products should be well-proportioned with stand size.

5. Convenient: The materials of stand is as important as the product which will be exhibited. The modular systemy is very useful because they are very adaptive. Tables covered with cloth look cheap. Quality materials are really effective on potential customers.

6. Neat and Clean: Clean and tidy appearance is as impressive as simplicity. So, number of products to be exhibited shouldn't be too much.

7. Less is more: Words and shapes should be limited in eye-catching graphics so that is possible to increase the effectiveness. Very crowded or very small graphics don't have so much chance to draw attention, and it is very hard to keep audience interested.

8. Graphic Works should be at higher than people: If not, so many could not get what you are exhibiting because they couldn't see.

9. Color: Strong, striking use of colors will be easily noticable. Confused with the background color will be lost, unpretentious color should stay away from. As we already had a promise, colors and marketing were going to write on, We did not forget our promise. Now let's talk about a few words with colors again. White, purity and cleanliness and honesty, light gray, sincerity; yellow is conspicuous, but some may get angry, orange color, cheapness and simplicity, red, love the excitement but also fear of speed and danger, light blue, loyalty, security stability, green, environmentalism financial issues; coal gray, the trust will be free, but old-fashioned, black, power, and is associated with concepts like death. There will be judges choosing the color of your stand when they should not be ignored.

Colors, will appeal to the eyes. Sounds and music can reach the ear. One must also consider the nose: scents by selecting the appropriate people "air" anyhow possible to influence. Fragrance sales by trying to be effective on the bottom from the bottom actually is not a new thing. Retail stores to broker, until there are exhibitions as a means of affecting almost everyone is trying to use. Placed at the entrance gate a fragrant experience with increased sales in stores potborinin hard.

If you do not believe, the best selling brands in stores like a "insert your nose". Deliberately selected and placed what scents you'll hear. Prefer to use real estate agents were going to smell of vanilla. Because the smell of vanilla people "feel themselves at home to" help to die. When it comes to his relief and sense of home the feeling of relaxation in the consolidated benefit from vanilla. Customers at the exhibitions for visitors stand more likely to remain so for the supply of mint, citrus or floral fragrance is also reported to be effective.

"A Natural History of the Senses" Diane Ackerman, author of the book, "Fragrance, our goods and people will play an important role reviews." says. Our stand is also like the smell of the exhibition can not be done with you? That smell and some suggestive; peppermint, spice, citrus, alertness, energy, forest, flowers and citrus, freshness, vitality and happiness of feeling, vanilla and chocolate, relaxation and self-feeling at home feeling; flower scent with high levels of productivity and performance; corn chips smell suppress the hunger feeling miserable. (Source "Color and Smell of: Do not Overlook Them In Booth Desing," Business Marketing, p.4-5)

10. Full-Service: Everything in exhibition and stand is important for drawing visitors' attention. Clients who visit the stand can not be expected to serve themselves. "Full service" should be able to offer to the visitors. Brochures should be presented as a special item to each visitors seperately. Staff in the stand and other materials should be considered as a tool to communicate with the customers. Because, goal to participate in a exhibition is establishing positive relationships.

How to keep irrelevant customers away!

You have to select relevant customers not to lose time and effort for nothing. To achieve this, you should learn how to tell them “No” indirectly. It is not so easy but you should.

5 methods to keep them away without vexation:

No 1. The platform will be raised from the ground up to 10 cm and a color will be applied different from the main floor,

No 2. Products shouldn't be appeared from the beginning of the exhibit hall.

No 3. Visual materials and graphics you've placed your stand should be at a high technical level, which only will be recognized by serious customers.

No 4. Reduce the free distribution outside of your booth, and increase the distribution inside of your booth.

No 5. Ask technical questions to evaluate visitors' profile. (This article continues to be abundant source text says: "Tire-Kickers" Need Not Bother Stopping ", Business Marketing, June 1995, pS–6.)

Time is the most precious item in an exhibition and you don't have right to waste it with talking desperate candidates. If someone attempts to steal your time, just give him a brochure, shake his hands and say thank you, and say hello to a new customer. It will really help.

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