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Benefits of Exhibitions

You would participate in the exhibition?

Do you want to get out of an exhibition tour together? In this world, almost every day, somewhere, perhaps more than the exhibition opens. While reading this article you do not know what the exhibition will be open. But it seems to me that, either as visitors or associates as you want right now we can have a exhibition experience.

Why Exhibitions?

Until this day, lots of people have wondered why people and companies interested in the exhibitions, but Paula has 10 main reasons. According to Paula, exhibitions are the excellent opportunities to identify high potential customers, to introduce new products, to strengthen customer relationships. Let us have a closer look to the main reasons influencing them to participate at the exhibition.

1) More revenue will be provided. One of the ways to increase business revenue in the same job is done to lower costs. A company will do the most basic job was not to find clients? That for the job exhibitions are one robe. You could wear clothes. And not so common, most effective way to reach qualified customers are exhibition. According to a study (Exhibit Surverys Inc. have done this research), while the average cost of a sales reached 295 dollars ,the average cost per person at the exhibition is just 177 dollars. (Reached the cost per visitor figure, stand-rent construction personnel and expenses such as travel expenses, including expenses. Per visit average cost, the direct selling expenses, bonuses, commissions, travel, accommodation and entertainment costs are included.) So you save 118 dollars per person when you select to participate at exhibition.

2) Sales accelerate. "Experience has shown that... " You have heard this phrase before. It is now time to prove. Experience shows that it was originally introduced in the exhibition prospect of the subsequent negotiations, can convert to sales within a period shorter than met elsewhere. Do you want numbers. That figures: (Still Exhibit Surveys conducted by) According to a study, interviewed at the exhibition business with a customer to connect a 0.8 average is sufficient to have a conversation, while sales at the end of the visit was met with the client business to connect, on average, made 3.7 visits. In addition, According to McGraw-Hill Research Foundation's study, after a exhibition 54 percent of orders don't require any following.

3) Enter to untouched fields. Like a bee call to flowers, Exhibitions can also help to find the new customers as well as qualified visitors. (Exhibit Surveys have done more research) only 10 percent of visitors had been communicated before exhibition in last 1 year period. This means that 90 percent of visitors at the exhibition for the company is one candidate for new customers. Also 88 percent of visitors are people who are capable of buying.

4) Stand out in competition. It will be true to describe the marketing as a basic tool that the companies used in competition. Here is a powerful competitive tool in this regard is exhibition. Companies, different from each other outside of exhibitions and shall strive to be superior. However, exhibitions, company image and products to be exhibited by rival companies out there that provides the opportunity to be different and superior. Well-trained exhibition team, which was carried out in an effective manner before and during the exhibition with the eye-catching promotional arrangements with booth after the exhibition and wise to follow the company itself from its competitors in this regard is also a superior ability to find out. A number of visitors and brand the company together under one roof to find the ease of exploit. This simplicity itself in the eyes of customers within the company "re-positioning" may have the opportunity. Which is superior in this exhibition can reveal.

5) Strong customer relationships are updated. Statistics, to find a new customer than to keep a current customer is five times higher indicates a cost. This is true in the face of strong and continuous relationship with customers is important to establish. Exhibition of the company to report important and lock their gratitude to their customers, strengthen relationships with them provide the opportunity for serious. These customers, interests anyway, so you join you as a visitor to the exhibition are the future. Here the special and important customers to benefit you that the best way to meet these needs can help in the matter. Among them, exhibition private transportation services, accommodation, free meals etc. can be considered...

6) Demonstrations are scheduled. Whatever you sell, customers want to form a physical link with the products in the sale with looking, smelling, touching, using etc. Clients need to bring the demo to the point. (Bread factory, tannery machines, weaving machines, etc..). These demos visitors first-hand, they find the opportunity to see what has happened.

7) Market developments are monitored closely. Exhibitions enable visitors to follow the latest developments in the sector. Selected staff of company including administrators will have the opportunity to make speeches face to face with real customers. The company's managers from different functions will be in the same stand together with customers and makes it easier to keep the pulse of the industry. Because they have closer relationships with their customers,they learn how to find solutions to the problems.

8) Information about competitors is taken. Exhibitions offer a tremendous opportunity to review the competitors. There are so much information about Competitors' prices for new products and promotions. You can learn a lot of valuable information at a time by just making observations, by ear swelling, with a little attention. Which stands crowd of competitors? Attract more customers which is what kind of competition? Are closer to customers? What types of products are being exhibited? Focus on what points are for sale? etc...

9) Relationship with media is established. Exhibitions are also very attractive events to get opportunities for taking part in media. You should have innovative ideas to draw attention of media. For this purpose, important names of the press should be invited to your stand before the exhibition. Well-planned press conferences and other activities which will be held at the exhibition, can help to convey the effects of the exhibition very large areas.

10) Research is done, information is taken. Exhibitions bring opportunity to get very important information, with a very low cost. Market research can be done also without spending much. For example, you are thinking of a new product, you can search that visitors were interested in goods, services, prices, distribution forms, products, etc. of the features and benefits. Imagine the ease of finding them ready all in one place at a time!

In conclusion; We have 10 different reasons to participate in exhibition. Perhaps you have also different reasons. But I have to remark a point: Exhibitions always may not be the best way for your company's marketing program. Exhibitions should not be considered as a single sales channel. Exhibition should be used within a certain integrity with marketing communications, advertising, direct mail, promotion of public relations in a relatively wide range of activities.

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