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About Stand Types

Stands are categorized into two main groups by means of material type which will be used.

1) Wood Stands: They are divided into two.
Wood Stands which are made of paint and fiberboard.
Wood Stands which are made of suntalam.

2) Modular Stands: They are divided into dozens of different systems. Mainly used systems are;
Max System
Octanorm (Aluset) System
Mero System

Types of Wood Exhibition Stand and How they differ from each other?

Wood Exhibition Stands are divided into 2;

1. Stands made of Suntalam: They do not require paint and dry faster acording to ones made from fiberboard and paint. The main drawback of this stand is the visible lines at the junction point. The biggest advantage of the stand is to be easy cleaning.

2. Stands made of paint and fiberboard: In plaster and then painted out on the raw chipboard made with the great advantage of this stands in no way stand in the joints does not appear. The biggest disadvantage is that setup time is longer. These stands are often preferred since they appears more elegant than chipboard stands.

What should be considered when building stand made form paint and fiberboard?

1) Ask forex for the implementation to be applied on a visual. In case of the implementation of the images directly on the walls in your stand, some roughnesses similar to orange peel, will be appear on your image.

2) In the beginning, select your color from pre-paint catalog. (RAL catalog)

3) Smoothless plaster will make your booth appear more elegant.

Modular Exhibition Stand Types and How they differ from each other?

Modular Stands are similar to lego because they are easily builded and divided. They also can be used again and again. The main materials used in modular stands are aluminum and MDFLAM / Suntalam. Besides these two main materials, some other materials could be used in some modular system stands. These different materials are generally used for MAX SYSTEM stands.

Modular systems are divided into different stands. The most heavily used systems are;

1) Max System: It is the most different and stylish one among the other systems. Aluminum profiles which are used in this system are much more elegant and expensive than other aluminum profiles. However, this kind of stands differ from other ones because they can be made from glass, tulle, plexi, and special wood modules.

2) Octanorm (Aluset): This is the most common system system which consists of entirely of aluminum and fiberboard. However, this system, which is relatively weak in design elegance, is offered as Standard Package in exhibitions. It is the cheapest cost systems, and the rental fee of this is relatively lower than other systems. However, price advantage turns into a design disadvantage.

3) Mero: It is structured in one-meter connections. Although strength of this system is very good, it is poor in terms of elegance. It is not usually preferable.

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