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About Stand Lighting and Electrical Layout

Electrical layout and lighting of your stand is very important in terms of both usability and stylishness.

No matter how elegance stand you have if you dont select true lighting systems. Your stand will be noticed much more with accurate lighting.

Right amount of lighting should be placed in the right spots.

You should show the same sensitivity when planning electric lighting layout of your stand just like designing your office. Another important issue is electric layout in your stand. You will need electrical power especially if you exhibit electronic produst. Don't forget to remind your stand design company about this.

Electrical layout in exhibition halls may not be suitable for placement of your booth. For example, right under your stand or electric power need not be a few meters away from the point you can. For your electronic products on the exhibit floor prior to a major electricity companies of your request to your stand to stand, from this point forward you have not installed electricity to withdraw stand your ground floor and stand over your cable will be del will withdraw. In this case you need even if it is against the stand of your images will not be stylish.

All topics in a brief rally;
1) You must notify your stand design company about all the points you'll need power.
2) Missing or extra lighting will be able to disrupt the visual relevance. And decorative lighting should be full resolution.
3) LED lighting application used for decorative purposes shouldn't lead to light pollution.

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